• Thiha Lu Lin

Pyin Oo Lwin National Park Today

Updated: Sep 9

Early in June, I have been here for breakfast at its new coffee shop but there was no flowers. This morning I took my mom to have breakfast at new coffee shop called Bamboo in this National Park and the reason is the coffee shop here is quite beautiful to take photos. The only thing I dislike this coffee shop is I need to pay entrance fee to have a coffee here as it is located in the park. We need to pay 1,000 Ks per head and 500 Ks for motor vehicle.


When I got into the park, I shouted as a child. I saw so many beautiful flowers everywhere. It was totally different from the last time I visited. Some staff were maintaining flowers, plants and grasses. May be they were working hard for weekend. Normally people from everywhere especially from Mandalay come and chill in this park at the weekends. Here are some photos I took this morning at the Pyin Oo Lwin National Park.

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